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Heat Exchanger Model

E. J. Bowman design and manufacture Heat Exchangers for all sorts of applications around the world. This model you see here is for the swimming pool market. They wanted to show how efficiently their design transferred heat from the boiler water to the pool water.
Firstly we made a twice size model casing and then fitted 330 LED lights. These are controlled by our own bespoke software to enable the client to have the final say on flow, speed and intensity of colour and light.

It all fits inside a protective flight case and has already clocked up a few air miles!


These little beauties where for an aquarium in the Loften islands in North Norway. They wanted to show how large fish got caught in the nets and little ones escaped. I had to first of all find a complete north east Atlantic cod which is difficult when you’re based in the midlands! Anyway we then had the fish 3D scanned by central Scanning, great group of guys but they weren’t too happy about the smell of the fish in their nice clean workshop. They then routered out the basic shape to the sizes we required and we painted them to look real. If you ever get the chance to look at a north east Atlantic cod (which I did for a whole week!) they have very intricate markings which we had to replicate.
We then went all the way to Norway to fit the client’s graphics and the fish, what a beautiful plaice!

AB Rogers Design "Cut In Halfs"

Well where do you start with this one!

We were contacted in the summer by AB Rogers Design and asked if it was possible to cut a toilet in half (a "big job" springs to mind!). Along with this request was to also cut in half a scooter, lawn mower, type writer, Nike trainer, crash helmet, i-mac the list goes on, around 20 all in all.

We then spent nearly a month quoting and re-quoting, items came and went and then we finally settled on 14. Time had ticked by but we still managed to produce the goods in time. Some of these never made it to the final piece, but they were fun to do.

We delivered the items to Paul Zak, a professional photographer. He explained that they were to be photographed and presented as "stills" in a film to be shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris to celebrate Sir Richard Rogers work.

What was interesting was how some items still made sense when cut in half, we realised in the workshop that this was because of their silhouette (all these years on and still learning)... Oh and can you tell which picture I took and which ones the professional took?

Think Tank at Millennium Point in Birmingham

Think Tank had already purchased a Vision Station from an American company called Elumens. The design of this unit was more than adequate for the private sector. We believe that it is used to train pilots to fly etc but in the public domain it needed to be a little bit more robust!

From sketches the designer produced we manufactured a steel back frame, curved GRP moulded
speaker housings and a sturdy centre consul.

We had to produce a one off shape for the speaker housing, sculpted from foam and filled to a perfect finish. Once this had been "signed off" by the client we then set up moulds and produced two sections of each and bonded them to individual curved steel frames. Sprayed and fitted with the speakers they bolted to the rear frame.

The centre consul had to house the projector at Elumens exact position. This also bolts to the rear frame making a very strong, vandal proof interactive display.

When you sit at the consul the screen fills your vision and you really feel that you are floating in space moving round the international space station.

Bespoke Awards
These were designed by PHD, an agency that we have enjoyed working with over the years, they produced the design for the client's approval and we did the rest.

Cast in clear acrylic, they have a flange to support the CD with the client's information printed on.
Portable Display

Over the years we have supplied this company with a wide range of products. Exhibits for shows, internal display areas, factory information stations etc. This time they wanted a free standing display that can be shipped around Europe so all there agents can display the same product. We took there brochure for style and colour and produced this unit. We also supplied a flight case with built in storage for there range of products.
stop press
Their sales team have just placed an order for an identical display unit for the American market!

Bespoke Trophies
This was a last minute project, laser cut steel, powder coated and attached to a machined plinth with applied graphics.

From phone call to delivery was four days. Time was tight with so many different procedures, but we have never let a client down.
Exhibit Finishing
Our skills on exhibit finishing are founded on 30 years of experience. We can offer a complete package, or help the client's own workforce to get involved on the project.

Listed below are some of the processes used.

Shot blasting - Acid dipping - Laser cutting - Polishing - Lacquering - Powder coating - Spray finishes - Graphics - Lighting - Acrylic display / supports

She was great fun to make,all rubber and black.. paint.... and tubes..and ...pipes.......and..........
Wastepack Recycling Exhibition Prop
A 6 foot high recycling bag caricature. As you can see he shows a good resemblance to the brochure supplied by the client.

After the exhibition he was delivered to their headquarters where we believe he is working well in reception!.
Dragon Boats
The brief for this cheerful chap was just that, cheerful / happy.

The boat manufacturers started to sculpt a head but after the designer saw it he called us in to re-style it if we could.

They must of had their brief from Dr Frankenstein, it was scary! So what you see here is the initial Polystyrene caricature. Then moulds were taken and the finished fleet were put to sea. Well a large pond actually,but the kids loved them.
Exhibition Bespoke Lights

To put the finishing touch to an exhibition stand, we produced these lights from the designers drawings.