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Welcome to Larger Than Life 3D Models and Exhibitions

Larger Than Life 3D Models is a premier model makers specialising in large scale 3D models for exhibitions, exhibition displays and exhibition stands, museums, theme parks and individual companies all over the country.

Larger Than Life 3D Models are based in Worcestershire and are a unique and bespoke model makers with over 20 years of experience. We provide a top quality service which is second to none and are highly skilled and proficient in model making. Our models can be made from many different types of material and will enhance and improve any occasion and ensure an eye catching piece.

As you will find on these pages our work is varied and interesting and we do hope you will enjoy our work as much as we do.

Recent Project
Desipicable Me 2 Despicable Me 2 3D Logo

This logo was on the corner of an exhibition stand to promote the concept of a sequel to Despicable Me.

The designers, 4 Sight Design Ltd wanted the logo to be held up in the air by some of the film’s most famous minions.
3D Models
Within the model section you will see both extremes of "Scale", whether it is smaller architectural models or "Larger Than Life" prop's and exhibition displays.

Click on the images to reveal more detail. Some of these pictures have the original "true size product" within the view. This should give you an idea of the scale.
As a small business we construct bespoke exhibition stands up to 25 square metres.

Purpose built stands over this size we project manage for our clients. We also provide a modular system for lower budget exhibitors who still require that slightly different look within the shell-scheme systems at shows.
Other Projects
This area is full of those "I don't suppose you do this sort of thing". Well yes we do, or if we don't we will try and give you advise on who does.

A lot of our work starts this way, and then grows as customers become more confident. We know when we have that confidence when you just get the "I'm sending you a drawing give me a delivery date" type of call!
Some of the clients we are proud to have worked with over the years include:

• @ Bristol
• Bose
• Brooks
• Corus Steel
• Eastside Developments
• Eureka
• Floatex Carpet
• Jaguar
• Maritime Museum
• Paul Zak
• RB Rogers Design
• Rover
• Scarborough Museum
• Sir Richard Rogers
• Tefal
• think tank
• Thorpe Park
• Tube Investments
• UK Costom Shop
• Vercoma Roller Coasters
• V&A Museum
• Wastepack
• Whale Tankers